About The Book

No, I am not crazy…

. . . just because I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Yes, I did some crazy things when I was sick and experienced psychosis, a symptom of bipolar disorder . . . but that was over 20 years ago.

My personal recovery from mental illness and
various addictions gave me a unique understanding when I met my future husband.

Yes, I am crazy about my husband!

He is a remarkable man who has also overcome a variety of addictions and today lives in victory over an even more serious mental illness – schizoaffective disorder.

I knew when I met him that he was a diamond in the rough.

Our lives were wild and very dangerous before we met. Ups and downs, psychiatric hospitals and battling addictions. I didn’t know my husband had schizoaffective disorder when I met him – he didn’t know. It is a very complicated illness.

Mental illness can be extremely debilitating – even fatal. Some people who try to get well still limp through life due to a broken mental health system, stigma, or lack of support.

It is a miracle that my husband and I survived. Then together, we were able to overcome many challenges.

Today we own a thriving business, have two amazing children, and are very active in our church and in our community. Our story gives hope to the hopeless.

We have gained insights into mental illness and wellness that very few people understand because they have not experienced it.

In Sickness and in Mental Health gives a transparent view into extreme mental illness then back mental health and even beyond … to an abundant life and an extraordinary marriage.

In Sickness and in Mental Health is available in paperback in digital format on AMAZON and BARNES AND NOBLE and SMASHWORDS

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#stopstigma speaker effort dreams coming true ...

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THE best interview EVER for our #mentalhealthwarrior #mission from #LadyGaga who has been chosen for a time such as this - the world is finally ready for genuine authentic vulnerable truth and healing. ...

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Hey Sac meet us at Arden on the 30th and be charmed by CharityCome out to support NAMI Sacramento on Thursday, January 30, 2020 from 5 PM to 7 PM! #FRCC #NAMISacramento ...

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