About The Book

I am not crazy

. . . just because I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder many years ago. 

Yes, I did some crazy things when I was ill. I experienced psychosis and a lack of awareness syndrome which are common symptoms of Bipolar 1. You can read more about that in my book. The tragedy is that it took over ten years for me to get well and sadly, that is common as well. I have been sharing my experience publicly so that others can find the shorter road to recovery and get the support they need. 

I discovered that my personal recovery from mental illness and various addictions gave me unique insight when I met my future husband.

Yes, I am crazy about my husband!

He is a remarkable man who has also overcome a variety of addictions and has an even more complicated mental illness. It took years for him to get a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder, which explained his discomfort with social interactions. Yet, he excels in extraordinary ways. He started our IT company in 2005, has total recall after he learns, and can build by seeing. Now even more mysteries have unfolded which will be revealed in the second edition of my book with more chapters to our story! 

We have been on an incredible journey together. Our lives were wild and very dangerous before we met. Ups and downs, psychiatric hospitals, and battling addictions. Together we embrace recovery and have abundant, purpose-driven lives. 

I began sharing my story publicly in 2013 when my audiences had never heard anyone speak openly about having a serious mental illness. What I discovered was that people were dying to talk

When my fellow speakers and I present our stories, people come up to talk to us every time. We all know someone with a mental health or addiction issue, but not only were we not taught about these conditions, but we were also taught not to talk about them

We have been literally dying from untreated mental illness. The impact on our bodies from keeping our mental and emotional struggles inside has made us physically ill because the pain must go somewhere!

A societal mind-shift of understanding instead of condemnation for those who are struggling can change the world. Learn more. Keep the conversations going. 

If you are struggling, find those of us who believe that there is no shame in having these conditions and are able to talk about them. That is where hope and healing begin.

In Sickness and in Mental Health is available in paperback in digital format on AMAZON and BARNES AND NOBLE and SMASHWORDS