Book Reviews


Outstanding, candid, realistic, and hopeful book about loving someone with mental illness! A must read! – Antoinette

I really enjoyed reading this book! The author was candid about her experiences, but was able to deliver a sense of hope to the reader. My personal experience having been in a relationship with a bipolar for three years has been one where almost every book I read was negative. Perhaps it’s because I’m the type of person to see a glass as full, sometimes even if there’s only a few drops of water that I have been able to love my bipolar partner. The author explains how working with mental illness and bipolar is really multifaceted. Medication alone isn’t the answer. A person must be committed to lifestyle changes, therapy, and most of all living a life of honesty with their partner. We all have baggage in some form or another, but it’s how we deal with it that matters. I appreciate the way the author wants to share her message of hope and happiness! I recommend this book to all partners of a mentally ill person and those suffering from mental illness themselves!

A Real Eye Opener – J.M. Schneck

If you want to learn about overcoming Mental Illness, this book is the most hopeful read there is! The author is real, candid and her story will inspire you beyond measure. There is nothing we can’t overcome in this life, nothing we can’t deal with, nothing. That’s how you feel as you walk through this author’s journey through her own mental illness. It’s a great read for all but specifically for those experiencing any type of mental illness starting with depression, or having a friend or family member going through issues. It’s a great eye-opener for public service employees, law enforcement, firefighters, social workers and psychology professionals. I highly recommend this book, especially if the subject matter makes you uncomfortable!

Compelling, honest, courageous, and inspiring ‚ Kelly Kennedy

Diane’s story is compelling, honest, courageous, and inspiring. An easy and quick read, her own account of the trials and hopes of living with mental illness give an excellent portrayal and shed light on a subject that is too often ignored or misunderstood. She gives hope to those struggling themselves or with loved ones dealing with any kind of mental illness. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way in our society in understanding diagnosis such as bipolar or depression, but we still have a long way to go. I am hopeful that those who read Diane’s book, or others like it, can become more enlightened and empathetic towards those suffering from these types of illnesses. She also does a great job at explaining some of the science and brain chemistry behind mental illness in an easy-to-understand way. In my own struggle with depression and anxiety, it took me quite some time to succumb to the realization that it is truly a chemical imbalance and one that can be treated and manageable. Part of the challenge is aligning with the popular belief that you can “just snap out of it” or take “a happy pill.” Diane’s book helps to dispel some of these misconceptions and I hope her message spreads far and wide.


Mental Health brought to light! – Van C. Gordon

I have mental health problems in my family, and it was great to read this book to understand the reasons why! This is a very easy to read book, and Diane Mintz puts it all out there. I thought I knew a lot about mental health issues, but after reading this book, I find that I knew very little! It takes a lot of courage to write a book that holds nothing back, but this author has really opened my eyes to the why of mental health problems. This is the best book that I have ever read on this subject. This is a must read, and has helped me to understand a whole lot better the mental health misunderstandings out there. Van Gordon

Excellent Writing – Lois Loofbourrow

Diane writes with a humbled spirit, daring to share secrets and shameful memories – as she breaks the chains of stigma. It’s a great read, excellent writing and really tells the struggles of living and loving someone with mental illness.

Wow – what an eye-opener! – Lee S. Folino

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Although I have had some past experience with substance abuse and mental illness issues, I didn’t realize how much more there is to know. Diane’s (and Greg’s) candor and transparency will surely help educate many and lead to improved outcomes for those who struggle with these powerful and confusing conditions. We all need to help spread the word that mental illness really is an illness that requires treatment, not a weakness!

Gritty, Educational and Entertaining ‚ Eric Malnar

Excellent read. The author handles such a delicate and difficult topic with brutal honesty and at times self-deprecating humor. You cannot help but root for her and her family throughout the book. This book became my commuter-train companion and I had great difficulty putting it down each morning.

Very courageous to be so open, highly recommended – Greg Dockus

Anyone that has had issues with mental illness or addiction or has someone in their life with those issues would benefit greatly by picking this up. Despite the stigma society can attach to those issues, it’s not embarrassing to share those details. It’s courageous. The author’s ability to share her life story so openly and freely is something that will help anyone or any family dealing with this. To see the success she and her husband have made of themselves as they deal with the ups and downs of their illnesses is an example to all that struggle. Very much recommended.

Insightful Memoir & Resource on Mental Illness – Cindy Huff

In this insightful, easy read, the author does a great job of sharing her heart and true hope for anyone facing the challenges of dealing with the maze of mental illness. It is packed with raw, heartfelt reality while offering true hope, along with helpful insight and resource, to all who know someone dealing with mental illness or any who are facing it themselves. It is a powerful tool for overcoming the lack of knowledge and understanding when it comes to mental illness in general.

I highly recommend this book. Very inspirational! – Teresa Schmit

Diane openly shares her life experiences with bipolar disease and substance abuse and how through her close relationship with God and with the help and support of family and friends, she is an overcomer! I highly recommend this book for anyone who has or is struggling with mental illness or substance abuse, or if you have a family member or friend that may have struggles. Diane hopes that her story will be an inspiration to others. She is truly an inspiration to me and I admire her courage to share so openly to help others. I hope I am able to do the same just by sharing her story and book with others.

A Must Read! – Carol Redden

This heartfelt story brings you from tears to heart bursting pride as you follow Diane’s struggle to overcome mental illness and addiction. This book is so beneficial for anyone who experiences or knows someone with these conditions. A must read!